Rogue Galaxy: Seed

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Seed is an artificial human created by Daytron whose soul purpose is to open the gate to Eden. He is a recurring antagonist in Rogue Galaxy that believes himself to be the "son" of Valkog (occasionally referring to Valkog as "father" among all things), he's first shown wearing a mask since his face "wasn't ready" yet. Valkog sends him to destroy Jaster and the crew. He was primarily made to open the gates of Eden but fails and is discarded by Valkog, only for Seed to go insane and transform to a giant four legged beast. He's soon ultimately defeated by Jaster, telling Jaster that all he wanted was to be human like him, and after said so he falls an disappear in a pile of dust. 

Seed is the opposite of Jaster, he is always calm and sure of himself, and this often leads him to overestimate himself. His greatest desire is to satisfy his "father" Valkog and to become a "real" human like Jaster  and his friend.

Also like Jaster, Seed have a unique birthmark on the left side of his face. He has silver hair and eyes. He always wears a black and white suit, and he's first shown wearing an expressionless black and white mask. The reason Seed looks as he does is due to the genetic code found on the great tablet, which was a code resembling that of the Star King's power. Thus the reason for the mark on Seed's face.

The final boss in the Ghost Ship, Doppelganger, strongly resembles Seed but looks as if he's in "Star King mode" like Jaster.

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